I am addicted to PHOTOGRAPHY.

I am going to explain my addiction to photography as said from the title, which makes this topic sentence borderline redundant but useful enough so that my words don’t sound like they’re just coming out of my mouth without warning. There you go, you were warned. 🙂 As I said, I am really in to photography. I know, the majority of you, oh such loyal readers, just simply don’t care and think this is a waste of time, well I am in no place to disagree. However, I am not here to disagree, but to convey the addiction I have for PHOTOGRAPHY. I love taking pictures. I love it. And here’s why: Every time I go outside, I find myself more immersed and observant of my surroundings while I look for every opportunity to shoot something you don’t see on a day-to-day basis. However, it gets to the point when I get distracted by everything and it simply becomes an annoyance. That is when I put my camera away and start going out without. And those are the times when I get frustrated. The view is amazing, the sun is warm, the light is soft, the shadows within the silhouettes are dense, and that’s when I realize: I DECIDED TO NOT BRING MY CAMERA FOR ONE DAY. That is when it levels from being annoying to frustrating. I mean come on, you can’t bully me like that. But in all seriousness, I really like and enjoy photography. It all started while I was still in Taiwan, taught by my uncle, he generously gifted me my first real camera, a Sony Nex-5.

Land in Chino Hills
Green Hills in California by me.

NOTE: If you want to check out my library, here’s the link! (If you visited from this post, be sure to leave a comment on any picture with “#wp” to let me know who you are!)

Click: My 500px Gallery – https://500px.com/andrewchenphoto


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