Fifth Grade.

I was born in the free and proud US of A. As a rebellious little child, I was *cough**cough* doing quite a good job at that. I failed almost all my quizzes, tests, both my parents were mildly annoyed by me when I was in my best behavior, and I almost failed 5th grade.Yes, fifth grade. FIFTH. GRADE. But what happened to the years after? Well, this was totally unexpected to my parents and, truth be told, even I was in shock of my abilities, and I have no shame whatsoever to make my claims. In sixth grade, I changed. I changed into this person who wanted to remove the doubtfulness in my future and start making changes. In other words, I think I became a perfectionist overnight while being accompanied by slight OCD. After I received my first ever A on my math test, I sprung. Not literally, but mentally. I didn’t know that that letter would ever show up on anything with my name on it-BUT IT DID. Not long after I received my Principal’s Honor Roll award, I consistently received it for the remainder of 7th and 8th grade.


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